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Kids Love Our After School Program!

Not all After School Programs are created equal. The number of families with parents working full time is at an all time high. That's why Cadet Martial Arts & Fitness has developed an after school educational program that is truly different. Besides being TONS of FUN, our program will provide you and your child with the following benefits!

CASMA Kidz has been the after school enrichment place for hundreds of Baltimore’s students ages pre-k to 8th grades for over a TWELVE YEARS….

Are You Tired of Leaving Work Early to Beat the Traffic only to find yourself caught up in it and, on top of that, you are charged a late fee when you pick your child up from school or your after care program?

Homework “Take Action” Time:

Tired of having to be the disciplinarian? Are you spending the little bit of quality time you have with your child, making sure homework gets done? Let us help you! Every day your child will have Homework “Take Action” Time where they will “Take Action” towards homework completion. When they have questions or need extra help they may ask one of our Homework Helpers.

• Develops balance, strength, coordination and fitness
• Instills respect, discipline, a positive attitude, and persistence
• Increases self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of self worth

Our Homework Helpers our trained to teach and motivate YOUR child! Upon completion of their homework, your child will enter into martial arts training and other FUN activities.

After school your child is safely transported from their school to CASMA Kidz where they have a snack, a chance to relax, and get ready for their structured afternoon!


Students will train in the Martial Arts to garner these benefits that help them physically to grow and be strong, mentally to help them lead happy and fulfilling lives, and emotionally to help them make good, sound decisions wherever they may go or be. Students participate in basic exercises, drills, and beginner forms. Students are taught at the rate of their own abilities. In this respect, a high standard of Martial Arts can be achieved. Martial Arts is more than a sport, it is also animportant self-defense skill. Practical self-defense techniques are taught to children which are defensive in nature.

Our program is extremely successful in developing strong character in children. Master Cadet has put together a great curriculum for this program, including a character education program to ensure that our students receive a first class martial arts education that goes far beyond life-saving self-defense skills.

On Fridays, and other days where students have fewer homework obligations, students will get FUN TIME, but only after they get a valuable lesson in one of our special topic curriculums! 

These topics include:

Leadership Development Workshops:

Cadet Martial Arts & Fitness's After School Leadership Development Program provides an opportunity to impact the POSITIVE development of your child by giving character building education.

Bully Busters:

The Bully Busters Program will Address the #1 social concern for young people today, bullying.

Stranger Danger:

The Stranger Danger teaches children about awareness and safety to prevent the likelihood of childhood abduction.

Improve life skills in your child for
Less than the cost of daycare!

We transport your kids after school t  our facility, where they take part in a structured curriculum of study, martial arts, and games. By the time you Pick them up after work, you are ready for quality family time together. 

After the school year ends, students can participate in our fun-filled Summer Sports Camp!

Now enrolling for 2023 & Save Big!

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