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Cadet Martial Arts & Fitness spring break camp is a safe fun atmosphere for your child to be in! At Cadet Martial Arts & Fitness we know how to do camp! Our camp has been running for the past twelve years and is the place your child should be during this spring!

Cadet Martial Arts & Fitness Spring Break Camp is not like any other, because it is a small camp with a big feeling. We are a small camp because we are limited in how many we enroll in our program. Why do we limit our enrollment? Because that is how we can give your child the best camp possible. All of our campers gain a close relationship to our councilors during camp, and because of this we end up feeling like one big family!


Cadet Martial Arts & Fitness Spring Break Camp has a big feeling because of our schedule. Our campers do an extraordinary amount of activities each and every day. The spring camp activities are similar to our summer camp except is only run for a week in are fun in a safe environment. For in overview of the activities in more details checkout our summercamp page by clicking on the image on the right. While you there, yous hould go it enroll for our summer camp and SAVE UP TO 25% from the regular price.

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